Bill D. Herman

A Geeky Kind of Wonk

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Film and Media Studies at Hunter College CUNY in New York City. My research and teaching interests live at the intersection of communication technologies, policy, politics, and culture.

My first book, The Fight over Digital Rights: The Politics of Copyright and Technology, is being published this year by Cambridge University Press and can be ordered at Amazon or from your preferred bookseller.

The research section has a lot of bonus content that couldn't fit into my book, from extra charts and graphs, to copies of my full data set. That section also contains links to full-text copies of my dissertation and many of my research articles.

I invite you to learn about more about my teaching and service, check out my curriculum vitae (CV), or see a bit more about me generally.

Why not join the hundreds (hundreds, I tell you!) already following me on Twitter? (I try to be reasonable, even when I'm @shoutingloudly.) You're also welcome to contact me.